John Thomas Financial – Social and Economic Change Through Leadership

There is a reason why John Thomas Financial is different from the rest of the companies in its sector. This independent brokerage and financial services firm has been active in an effort to dispel doubts over the commitment of Wall Street for the revival of the economy.

John Thomas Financial has emerged to be a thriving independent financial services and brokerage firm in the New York financial market. John Thomas Financial offers financial services such as retail brokerage, investment banking and private wealth management. Founded in 2007 by its CEO Thomas Belesis, John Thomas Financial has grown from a three employee boutique brokerage firm starting in a small office to a company of 200 employees with a 42,000 square feet headquarters right in the heart of New York’s financial district. While the company stands out as an example that there is always potential for businesses to grow even in difficult times, it is also helping out young professionals with job opportunities. John Thomas Financial, under the leadership of Belesis, is showing the way to small businesses and young students for maintaining a solution based approach for the economic revival.

John Thomas Financial actually did something unheard of among firms of its type when it offered a job position to one of the protesters of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Tracy Postert is a biomedical scientist who was protesting carrying signs that she needed work. She got noticed and after evaluating her profile, the firm found her qualified enough to work as a junior analyst with the responsibilities to evaluate medical companies, even though she had no prior finance experience. While turning an Occupy Wall Street protester into a Wall Street employee is just one side of the story, the social activities of the organization are not reduced to just hiring one individual. The organization is supporting an educational program in local schools focusing on self defense against sexual abuse and assaults.

Thomas Belesis, the CEO of Thomas Financial has launched a campaign known as RestoreWallStreet which aims at restoring the faith of the American people in its financial system. Thomas Belesis is a firm believer that the American financial system is the best in the world and that this part of the economy will play a major role in the revival of the economy through financing small businesses and generating job opportunities. In recognition of his leadership and services in business and finance, Thomas Belesis has also won several awards such as the Businessman of the Year Award from the New York Republican County Committee. Belesis also donates to charitable organizations, community groups and causes such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Greek American foundation and the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research.




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